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Best Fleet Management Software

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From years lots of people travel to their destination for spending their vacation, meeting their loved one and other special purposes. They travel by their own car or hired bus, taxi, van or cars. Also bus/car/vans are used for transportation of low weight goods. Today several companies offer their cars or bus on rental basic. We are much aware about the UBER, OLA or various small to big car rentals services in our cities. These companies manage their numerous cars/buses by “fleet management software”. This fleet management software is perfect to manage their cars booking, tracking their position, billing and payments easily.

Fleet Management Software
What is the best Fleet Management Software?
Rental Car management softwareFLEETO let you management of Commercial vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, buses and Private vehicles trailers used for transportation purposes. Car rental booking software is designed to service large fleets, small fleets, and everything in between. These fleet management solutions will track vehicle position, driver statistics, maintenance records, fuel stats, booking status, monthly revenue from each vehicle of the fleet, billings and vendor records.
Features of Fleet Management Software:

These are several type of fleet management software available in the market. All have different features and implementations in terms of costing and efficiency. Lots of companies are engaged in car booking software development to make its functionality better. Some of the important features of rental car booking software mentioned below:
Fleet Booking Management:
Fleet management is not an easy activity. It includes lots of responsibilities such as vehicle financing, maintenance, car tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, billing management and safety management. Fleet Management is a special function which allows travel companies which depends on transportation business to improve vehicle investment and efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation. These functions can also deal vendors car companies and in house fleets.

Rental Car fleet Management
Vehicle Tracking:
Fleet Management Software is perfect to manage vehicle fleet. Car rental Software Development process inbuilt vehicle tracking features that allow collecting vehicle location data and finding the exact location of driver and vehicle.

Vehicle tracking
Vendor management:
This feature allows travel companies to manage the vendors and their cars billing, payment. Also it allows generating booking tokens as well as track works, payment, billings, car insurance etc.

Fleet management software

Booking management:
Fleeto is perfect for vendor management software as well as booking management. This is web application development  based car reservation system. It accepts the booking and transfers it to driver and informs to deliver. For more information about Fleeto car rental software integration visit us: