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Android applications have become an important part of human life. We can not think of our life without mobile devices. And without Android apps, they are not enough effective. Android apps are making our life easy by doing important tasks. These apps keep us entertained through social media and games. They give us updates on the recent happening in the world. We can say that we are so habituated to these apps that we can not imagine our lives without them. Android app development is the process to create these mobile apps that we enjoy. In this article, we are going to talk about the basic insights of Android app development.What is Android App Development?Android app development is a type of software engineering used to create applications mostly for Android OS-run mobile devices. Android developers are responsible for creating Android applications. Various languages like Kotlin, Java, C++, etc are used to develop these applications. These applications are highly valued these days as their popularity has skyrocketed.8 Things You Should Know About Android App DevelopmentAndroid app development is a popular topic that generates a lot of questions in our minds. There are 6 aspects of Android app development mentioned below: Programming Languages: Android apps are created using programming languages. There are multiple programming languages used to create these applications. Java is the default Android application language. Android OS is written mostly in the same. The other programming languages are Kotlin, Python, C++, C#, Javascript, etc. Popular Features of Android Operating System: a. Android is an open-source operating system that can be modified by anyone. b. Android allows its users to multitask. They can run more than one application at a time. c. Android operating system's user interface can be customized according to the user's needs. d. Android has an application store from where users can buy apps or get those for free. Cost to Build an Android Application: The cost of building an Android app gets decided based on multiple factors. These factors are the app's features, design, development process, etc. It is an expensive project. A properly functional, good-quality Android application can cost $1,00,000 to $3,50,000. Android was developed by Google. It is a mobile operating system. It runs on smartphones and tablets of multiple brands like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Google, HTC, etc. Android App Developers: Android applications are developed by Android app developers. There are around 27 million Android app developers worldwide and half of them are developing mobile apps. The number of Android app developers is expected to rise in the future. Android App Development Tools: There are various tools used in developing Android applications. You need efficient tools to create an excellent Android app. Some best Android application development tools are Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Postman, Visual Studio with Xamarin, etc. There are three different types of Android apps. a. Native apps: Native apps are the most common type of Android app. These full-featured apps run by themselves on mobile devices. b. Web apps: Web apps are only accessible by the web, not by mobile devices or computer devices. These apps run in a browser. c. Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are a combination of web development and native elements. They can be run on both touchscreen and keyboard mobile devices. By building an Android app you can get connected with clients who own mobile devices in a better way because the usage of an application is very easy. Android apps are very beneficial for e-commerce businesses. They help you to connect with new customers very fast through push notifications, social media posts,  email marketing, etc.  Tips to Find a Good Android App Development Company?There are many Android app development company in Delhi. You can even find freelancers in this field but it is very hard to find if they are trustworthy or not. For companies, you can find small startups to the reputed big ones. One should go through a company's previous projects before hiring it. If they have satisfactory results then you can offer your project to them. You can also consider the reviews they have on Google, Yelp, or Glassdoor.Nibble Software is a web development company in India. We are based in Delhi. We offer Android app development services at a proper rate. We are serving our clients for 10+ years now. We are also offering IOS app development services. Our company has a wide-ranged impressive portfolio. If you are looking for an IOS app development company in Delhi then hire Nibble Software. Our experienced app development team will fulfill all your requirements and deliver the best result for you.Android apps have a great future ahead. There are 1 billion+ mobile devices run by Android all over the world and they are using multiple apps. Students studying in this field have a great future as well because of the constantly growing demand and popularity of Android apps.