Difference Between Static And Dynamic Website Development

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Do you know what a website is ? Well it is a collection of web pages, which contain text, images, audio, video and other information. Website is mainly hosted on one or more servers and it is managed by its admin owner, which can be an individual, company or an organization as a whole.

There are two types of website. 1 Static website 2. Dynamic website

Know about Static Website
You would find many static websites on the Internet. Such type of website is very basic type of website and these are easy to create. You can also easily create as you don’t need web programming or any database design to create a static website. The web pages are coded in HTML and the codes are fixed for each page. This means that the information contained in the page remains static and it looks like a printed page.
Static websites are cheapest to develop and host and there are many advantages of static website development and these are mentioned below:
1.  Quick and easy to develop
2.  Cheap to develop and host
3.  The content remains same every time the page is loaded
4.  It uses the HTML code to develop
5.  Flexibility is the main advantage of static website
Know about Dynamic Website
On the other hand dynamic sites are more expensive to develop initially, but such websites are better than the static. Dynamic Web pages are very easy to produce different content for different visitors by using same source code file. Such websites can display different content that are based on the operating system or browser that the visitor is using. There are many advantages of dynamic websites and these are mentioned below:
1. Better functional website
2. Excellent and easier to update
3. New content brings people back to the site
4. It uses PHP,SERVLET, JSP, and ASP.NET etc. for developing a website
5. Easy to generate different HTML for each of the requests
6. CMS is the main advantage of dynamic website

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You would find that there are many Static website design company and Dynamic website design company in Delhi NCR, India who designed in the static manner, but as people are realizing the advantages of having a dynamic website they have started moving towards it. Dynamic websites can easily make your site look more professional and this would create an interesting experience for your visitors.