Important features of ecommerce website

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The success of every business is determined by not only the products, but also by the features the website offer and the website owner. For a successful business, it is very important that you have the complete tools to manage your business processes. For example, if you offer payment terms to your customer, you’ll need to be sure the platform you’re using gives you the ability to set a credit limit for a customer. Before diving into an eCommerce project, think carefully about the features needed, or you’ll be regretting it later!

Feature of Ecommerce website Include:

1. Clear & User friendly Navigation
2. Wishlist
3. Add to Cart
4. Promotional coupon generation tool
5. Search Engine Optimized code and layout
6. Reporting tools
7. Blog or articles section
8. Email marketing integration
9. Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)

Home, Header & Footer Features:

An ecommerce website must have featured header navigation and secured domain connection. Read what we are suggesting you. put them in your website header part to make it featured and User friendly.

  1. Secure Domain with HTTP
  2. Business logo
  3. User friendly navigation
  4. Wishlist
  5. Customer login
  6. Store finder
  7. Multi Language options
  8. Shopping cart
  9. Search bar
  10. Phone number
  11. Highlighted UVP
  12. Risk reducers
  13. Loyalty program
  14. Click to Call Action to product collections and important sales pages
  15. Featured products or Best selling products or New arrivals Alert
  16. Personalized items
  17. Text content
  18. FAQ, returns and exchanges, store locator, shipping information, order tracking etc.
  19. Contact us
  20. Newsletter signup
  21. Payment system icons
  22. Social Media links
  23. Link to about pages
  24. Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sitemap
  25. Live Chat

Product Category Page Features List:

26. Consistent image size
27. Breadcrumb navigation
28. Show the number of products displaying in the page
29. Product filtering and sorting
30. Page description field

Product Category Page Feature


Product Page Features List:

  1. Product title
  2. Good quality of images with zoom in functionality
  3. Pricing information with potential sales or discounts
  4. A field to change purchase quantities
  5. Product variables (if necessary)
  6. Add to cart button
  7. Trust signal around “Add to Cart” button
  8. Add to Wish List and Compare button on each product page
  9. Social share buttons for each ecommerce product
  10. Product description
  11. Consumer reviews on products
  12. Related products

product page design feature

Customer Checkout, Shopping Cart and Wishlist:

  1. Accept all payment methods
  2. Cart details
  3. Final price
  4. Shipping method (offer low shipping cost)
  5. Billing address and shipping address
  6. Security seals
  7. Include an area to punch in promo codes
  8. Have an option to change the quantity or remove items
  9. Allow items to be saved for later

Customer Checkout, Shopping Cart and Wishlist

Ecommerce Blog Features List:

  1. Sidebar: blog search, categories, popular posts
  2. Social share buttons

Ecommerce Blog Features List

Back-end Features List:

  1. Dashboard/reporting tools
  2. Administrator management
  3. Customer management
  4. Store management
  5. Content management
  6. Order and shipping management
  7. Payment, taxes and location management
  8. SEO management
  9. Email marketing integration
  10. Discount and promotion management
  11. Root file upload
  12. Tracking code integration
  13. Responsive design
  14. Browser compatibility
  15. Fast loading
  16. For digital downloads, explain how they receive products
  17. Multilevel security
  18. Automatic site backup