Importance of rental car software for travel agents

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If you are planning to start a car rental business, then you should take note of few things ahead of time. Apart from understanding the complete startup procedure, you should also know what are the systems OR XML Travel API that needs to be integrated within your business that can make your work easier? Since the current business falls under the range of digital technology advancement, it is very important that you should integrate such thing that can make your work easier.

XML Travel API

In this concern, having a fast and efficient online as well as mobile features and be helpful. Besides, having car rental software can also be of great help. This will help the customers to find more convenient way to book car online and even make their reservation accordingly. If you can have car booking software solution than you can have real benefits of car and taxi rental business. This can ease the usage for your operators making it convenience for the customers to book the car directly from your website.

Car rental software program is just like online car booking software. The software can provide information in all the essence like tracking, complete driver management, user management, accurate billing, invoicing and etc. The rental car booking software is very easy to learn and have intuitive workflow.

online car booking software

Keep track of your business: The Fleet Manager tool ensures that your car rental business is tracked well and reported well. This software keep you updated about the car, bus, cab online bookings, assigned driver and duty slip generation. You can also track payment, all billings, reduce maintenance costs and increase fleet utilization.

Save staff admin timeFleeto ensure you about your operational staff’s quick response, customer booking request. With Car Rental Software you can easily use screens and minimal training requirements your staff will waste no time getting to know Car Rental Software.

Generate Duty Slip Easily: With the help of car rental XML API, you can easily track bookings and generate your duty slips. Also you can easily calculate the each & every driver / Vehicle duty & earnings.

online car booking software

Cost savings: The Fleet Management Software is the most cost effective software for managing rental car, cab and bus business. From the first day you could be realized with ease of your management work and minimal employee cost.

Customer Support:  Website is the fundamental part of the booking process, so it is very important that setup will be optimal. This is where the Website Interface menu, it allows you to control a number of features from deciding Vehicle Categories and Locations, Drivers you wish to make available online.