• Top 10 Important Elements of Website Designing That Can Help Your Business

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Your website is considered the online face of your business. So, a well-functioning, properly designed website can make your visitors trust your business and turn them into clients in the future. So, you should know the way to evaluate the quality of your website. To build a good quality website you need to hire experienced and potent web design service providers. But that is not enough. You should understand by yourself if your website is a good one or not. Consumers do not like to waste time on poor-quality websites. Every business has a huge number of competitors these days. And if your website does not look extraordinary then the consumers will prefer your competitors over you. So, in this article, you are going to learn about the top 10 most important elements of web design.

The 10 Important Elements of Web Design

  1. White Space for Better Accessibility: Your website should have white space between the designs. It will make the website look simple, clean, and cool. White space does not need to be white always, it means proper spacing between contents in your website. The line spacing and big spaces are making the words and buttons stand out. White space helps the consumers find what they are looking for on your website.

  2. Easy to Navigate: Your website design needs to be easy to navigate. The menu button should be available on every page. You can also add a site map for the visitors to understand where they are on your website. It will also help them to reach the page they want.

  3. Helpful Content: Your website should have precise, comprehensive, and easy-to-read content. The content should clear the basic queries of the visitors. It should introduce your business to them and offer some information about it.

  4. Colours: While choosing the colours for the website you should choose colours that represent your brand and industry. Like the florists should create a colour pallet for their website by combining multiple vibrant colours.

  5. Typography: Always choose a font that represents your brand and industry just like the colour pallet. The font should communicate with the consumers about your intention. The font should make the texts easily readable on computers and mobile phones by the visitors. And use another font for the headings that goes well with the first one.

  6. Speed: Your website should be speed friendly. If it takes more than 4-5 seconds to open 40% of the visitors will avoid your website. That is not good for the business at all. To get a good speed to avoid adding music, big videos, and flash items to your website.

  7. Mobile Friendly: Mobile web traffic is more in amount than desktop web traffic. So, your website should open on mobile applications. These days mobiles generate more business than computers. Even 58% of internet users have claimed that they will never entertain a business that does not have a good mobile-friendly website. Even many people will access your website through mobile tablets. So, you should make your website perform on any device.

  8. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important element that will make your website rank in Google searches. SEO allows search engines to go through your website and learn how to rank it. There are thousands of competitors available online and if you want to be successful then your website needs to be properly optimized.

  9. "Call to Action" Options: Your website should be embedded with multiple call-to-action options. It will make your website more user-friendly. These options can be things like, 'buy now', 'sign up', 'login', 'read more', 'add to cart', and many others. It will lead the visitors to the next step easily. These options will help the consumers to understand what you want them to do. This way they will help your business grow.

  10. Appropriate Visuals: Consumers like visuals as they get attracted to them. High-quality images will make them the potential of your products and they will feel connected to it. Visuals help the consumers to focus on the vital areas of your website that you want them to concentrate on. A noticeable banner of your business on your website will immediately grab their attention. And the spread of custom images through the website will give them enough knowledge about your products and business.

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