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A Web portal is one roof under which you can find all the information together. The details are collected from diverse sources on a website and that too in a uniform manner. You can say that a web portal is a one source interactive website that is created for a specific audience. Some of the largest website portals include AOL, Google, Naver, Lycos, Yahoo, Netscape, Excite and MSN. However, there are many smaller web portals known as "niche portals" for specific interests. These are sites like Garden.com (for gardeners), MySpace (for popular social works), Fool.com (for investors), Wikipedia (for information seekers), YouTube (For videos)etc. They have a large indexed directory of sites, which are categorized by topic and interests. Web portals play a great role, for everyone when they start to look for something and have no idea where to find it. These are perfect the list of web information and allow users to connect with and find content that is relevant.

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Website Portal Development Service: Bringing Information From Diverse Source

We at, Nibble Software have been in this genre for a quite long time and have designed many successful portals. No matter what the business model is, we are always ready to develop a portal solution keeping mind the target audience. Our approach towards Website Portal Development Service would include navigation analysis, interface and usability designing, requirement analysis and many others.

The portals can be differentiated on the basis of their content and intended users. They can be categorized into:

1.Vertical Portal: A vertical portal covers such as construction with news and other services like-Construction Plus (www.constructionplus.com)and Chem Industry (www.chemindustry.com)
2. Horizontal Portal: To fetch related resources and information like-Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) and MSN (www.msn.com)
3. Marketplace portals: Software to participate in discussion groups with other vendors and/or buyers like-EC21 (www.ec21.com) and eBay (www.eBay.com)
4. Search portals: Search portals lists from several search engines into one pagelike-Google (www.google.com)
5. Media Portals: Focus on entertainment, business or consumer news. Like- Guardian (www.guardian.co.uk)
6. Access Portal: Can be defined as a type of portal associated with Internet Service Provider (ISP) like- Orange(www.orange.co.uk) & Wanadoo (www.wanadoo.com)
7. Geographical Portals: Can be either horizontal or vertical portal. Craiglist (www.craiglist.com), County web (www.countyweb.com)

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Website Portal Design and Development Service:

Nibble Software is one of the prominent names in the market offers most efficient web portal design and development solution that meets with the client's expectations. Working with an expert team of professionals, we provide full scope of website portal development that is integrated with different technologies. We ensure in delivering best-in- class design and guarantee that's meets all platforms. We guarantee every wish and demand to be fulfilled without failing. Serving website portals on Microsoft as well as Linux platforms, our coding is based on asp.net or PHP solutions. The success of a web portal lies in the seamless integration of all features and user experience across the globe, we are ranked as #1 website portable development company.

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Approach in Web Portal Design and Development:

We Nibble Software have been in this genre for a quite long time and have designed many successful portals. Our approach towards designing the web portal would include navigation analysis, interface and usability designing, requirement analysis and many others.
  • Requirement Analysis with experts
  • Wireframe Documentations
  • Interface & Usability Designing
  • Creating database structure
  • Website Portal navigation analysis
  • Module Development and Integration
  • Testing on Local server
  • Beta portal Launch on Live server
  • Training and Launching the portal
  • Feedback and Analysis
  • Maintenance Support

Best Web Portal Development Company:

Here is the list of our expertise in technologies for reliable solution to win, serve and retain customers. No matter what's your business model (B2B or B2C), our technology team will develop a portal solution to meet your target audience. We develop:
  • Enterprise Web Portal design
  • Real Estate web portal Designing
  • E-commerce web portal Designing
  • Educational Website portal Designing
  • Networking web portal Designing
  • Government web portal Designing
  • Job web portal Designing
  • Multi web portal CMS Designing
  • Community Portal Designing
  • Portals with device compatibility
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